About Serving portions of North and South Fayette for over 70 Years

Active Service Line

Position Name Certifications
Fire Chief Craig Delaney FF-2, EMT-B, BVRT, SVRT, BLS Instructor, Driver
Assistant Chief Keith Delaney FF-2, EMT-B, BVRT, Driver
Deputy Chief David Stumph FF-2, EMT-B, BVRT, Driver
Captain Jon Ciaramella FF-1, EMT-B, BVRT, SVRT, Driver
Lieutenant Ryan Chaddish FF-1, EMT-P, BVRT, SVRT, Driver
Lieutenant Timothy Cain BVRT, Essentials, Driver
1st Engineer Steve Ciaramella Driver
2nd Engineer John Garrett Driver
Name Certifications
  Melanie Culley FF-1, EMT-B
  Timothy Culley FF-2, EMT-B, BVRT, Driver
  Trenton Delaney FF-1, BVRT, SVRT
  Josh Deleuze FF1, EMT-B, BVRT, HAZMAT Tech, Driver
  Matt Dlugosz FF-1, EMT-B, BVRT, BLS Instructor, Driver
  Steven Dundas Essentials
  Nick Dundas Sr. Driver
  Zach Fodse BVRT, Essentials
  Kirt Harbert FF-2, BVRT, Driver
  Kelli Harbert EMT-B, FF-1
  Stacy Hennon BVRT, Driver
  Brian McKissick FF-1, BVRT, SVRT
  Nash Myers Essentials
Cadet / Junior Firefighter Program
  Connor Delaney  
  Alexandra Delaney  
  Xander Roberts  
  Rachel Watters  
Active Social Members
  Briana Ciaramella  
  Nancy Ciaramella  
  Candy Ciaramella  
  Sandy Crisco  
  Heather Delaney  
  Kim Garrett  
  Louis Garrett  
  Patrick Garrett  
  Robert Johnson  
  Sarah McCloud  
  Patty Skinger  
  Dianne Unghajer  
Additional Members
Name Status
  Steve Bertolino Honorary
  Dennis Brown Lifetime
  Jim Bushmire Jr. Lifetime
  Louis Chauvet Honorary
  Frank Corris Honorary
  JoAnn Cowden Honorary
  Frank Csuta Honorary
  Brian Delaney Lifetime
  Hector Delaney Lifetime
  Nancy Delaney Lifetime
  Rebecca Delaney  
  Larry Deleuze Honorary
  Deborah Elias  
  William Elias Lifetime
  Nancy Falconer Lifetime
  Susan Hart  
  Jo Ann Lamb Lifetime
  Edward McElhaney Honorary
  Brian Mcfalls  
  James "Bobs" McFalls Honorary
  Jeff McFalls Honorary
  Julie McFalls  
  Mary Martinez  
  Art Moreau Honorary
  Phil Morris Lifetime
  Phil Morris Jr.  
  Frank Mullooly Lifetime
  Sam Peluso Honorary
  Bob Rank Honorary
  Helene Robak Honorary
  Ron Scott Lifetime
  Gene Skinger Honorary
  Stanley Sowizral  
  Andrew Ulanosky Honorary
  Ronald Unghajer  
  Jim Upperman Honorary
  Bryan Yecko